“We are prisoners of language and if we’re prisoners of language then the key that will set us loose is somehow also made of language. What else will fit the lock? So, somehow an act of poetic legerdemain is necessary …” Terrence McKenna

Wordplay is universally popular and usually silly. But what if there were deeper levels of meaning than usually meet the eyes and ears in puns, anagrams and the symbols of the alphabet? What might we learn about our cultural assumptions and innate human wisdom by ‘unpacking’ the ordinary words we give voice to every day? 


Join us and discover how a primary school level of focus on basic linguistic elements can lead us to a graduate school level of understanding of the Western psyche, our built-in wisdom genome, and the Power of the Word to create the quality of our World.

Here’s what you will gain through your participation in our WordShoppe ––

  • A greater sense of the magical power of words -- to create or destroy

  • Awareness of the hidden philosophy in puns and the symbols of the alphabet

  • Ability to recognize Secret Spells and Sacred PathWords in the English Language

  • Real-Eyes-ation that We DO Come With Instructions –– for living fulfilling lives

  • Greater consciousness and creativity –– as you speak and write

  • Ability to invent new words and phrases that inspire higher consciousness

  • Knowledge of how to Use the Word for the World’s ReCreation

At the end of this 4-session journey, you will come away with ––

  • A deeper level of English language mastery

  • Improved communication skills

  • Enhanced visionary thinking and problem solving abilities

  • More resilient self-esteem and compassionate awareness

  • A heightened sense of your power, place and purpose in the Cosmos

  • A fabulous vocabulary!

Module 1: Playing With Words That Speak for Themselves

“’When I use a word,’ Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, ‘it means just what I choose it to mean – neither more nor less.  .... The question is,’ said Humpty Dumpty, ‘which is to be master – that’s all.’” Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking Glass


It’s sometimes said that every person has a ‘twin’ somewhere on Earth. What’s less well known is that nearly every word has an echo or reflection in another often unrelated word.


Homonyms are everywhere. And they riddle the mind with lots of contradictory paradox or surprisingly significant connections. For instance, we can speak of words as casting spells. But did you know that the word morphemedefined as an indivisible unit of language –– such as ed, ing, ish, is, are, were –– is a nearly identical word twin with morphine, a narcotic derived from opium (O-P-M)?


Come get High on words –– by immersing yourself in a revolutionary re-introduction to the English Language, the Power of the Word, the language-based Nature of Reality, and how we can literally Use the Word for the World’s ReCreation. By learning to turn English ‘insight-out’ and ‘backwords,’ you will discover more of the Secret Spells and Sacred PathWords ‘hidden’ in plain view. And together we’ll reflect upon their deeper implications. The net result will be out-of-the-box thinking that can spark inspiration, exploration and creative innovation.


You will be invited to go treasure hunting through English –– and any other language you know –– to find homonyms that ‘tell’ upon each other in fascinating ways. Then tell us what you’ve discovered. 

Module 2: Gamboling on the AlphaBet and InnerStanding Anagrams

“The full meaning of words are flashing, iridescent shapes like flames – ever flickering vestiges of the slowly evolving consciousness beneath them.”  Owen Barfield, Poetic Diction. 


The word ‘Anagrams’ is an anagram for Ars Magna –– the Great Art. We will be pondering the significance in the linguistic synchronicities that occur when we rearrange small handfuls of letters to form words that reflect on each other in curious ways.


As for those 26 letters –– most people assume they are meaningless symbols for meaningless sounds. However, if symbols are the language of the unconscious, why have we allowed ourselves to remain so unconscious to the significance in the most prevalent set of symbols on the planet?


Each of these letters contain tiny seeds of ideas compacted into squiggles that come together to form everything from meaningless tweets to towering tomes. Could they also be code that programs our consciousness? And could words be formulas and acronyms as well as ‘proper spellings?’ Let’s explore this subject together and see what we discover.


You will be invited to choose a letter –– in both its lower case and upper case designs – and see what you can make of it. As reference, you may wish to see my free EBook, The Book of E: A Book of Alphabet Alchemy,’ available on my website. Or read my poem on the two forms of the letter ‘I’, entitled The Aye That Is Oui, available in my book+CD, WordMagic: WordPlay That Puts a New Spin on the Whirled. I’ll also include them as handouts in the course for the WordShoppe participants.

Module 3: Amplifying Your Personal VocabuLibrary

“High thoughts must have high language.” Aristophanes


At a time when vocabularies are shrinking –– and people’s capacity to clearly think and communicate is diminishing –– this module will reintroduce some long-forgotten words that truly belong in the personal VocabuLibrary of everyone who wishes to Pursue Happiness fruitfully. 


For instance, Science of Mind, the Law of Attraction, and Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work all encourage us to feel and act as if what we desire is already Here and Now. Happily, there’s actually a word for that, which is one of my favorites. It is Nikhedonia: The happiness that comes from the anticipation of future success. 


There are scores of fabulous words that are no longer in circulation. Set the intention to encounter another on a regular basis and then explore its implications and share your discoveries with us. You will find that they will expand your awareness of what we are capable of achieving beyond our usual sense of ourselves.


You will be invited to go on word safaris through the dictionary and other sources to discover obscure words that deepen and delight you and may even expand your sense of human possibilities. You may want to write about them and allow them to carry you away toward unforeseen destinations. You will also be encouraged to ‘coin’ and circulate new words and phrases that encapsulate and inspire higher notions of Reality and Being.

Module 4: Amplify Your WordPower and Elevate Your Consciousness

“It’s the most powerful force, I believe, on Earth, the English language!" Ken Burns, 


Regardless of your religious ‘persuasions’ or spiritual beliefs, the Genesis story that forms the basis for Western Culture, identifies the Word as God and our word as our law. It also states that ‘death and life are in the power of the tongue.’ And it tells us that God gave humanity the power to name. 
So what does that actually mean –– to us and for us? And what’s in a name?  How can we cultivate our WordPower so that our words bring us good fortune, our prayers enhance our own lives and the lives of other people, and we can actually reduce suffering and elevate consciousness as we speak and write? That’s what we’ll be exploring together in this module.

You will be invited, encouraged and supported to develop your WordPower in all the ways you are inspired to do so. For instance, you may wish to create an invocation-affirmation that you repeat daily to remind yourself of who and what you truly are beyond your conditioned sense of fear and inadequacy. After all, the Infinite defines itself as In Finite. This means that we can each draw upon the scientifically recognized Source Field of Infinite Intelligent Energy that surrounds and indwells us ––to inform and inspire what Lincoln described as, ‘The better angels of our nature’ at this time of global upheaval and transformation. We may even awaken the sleeping giant within us and become the Super Natural geniuses we were all born to be.


“We are all born geniuses and some of us grow up less damaged than others.” Buckmister Fuller, 20thAmerican architect, systems theorist, author, designer, inventor, and futurist

The program will culminate on December 31st –– with an opportunity to use your new knowledge and skills to write and share a potent invocation for the fulfillment of your highest intentions in the New Year.

Here are some of the comments received from people who have attended a WordMagic WordShoppe:

“What I found to be of greatest value was Laurel’s vast knowledge of words and her ability to see them in completely new and fun ways.” -- Heather Boucher

"I enjoyed interacting with like-minded people and it helped me to focus more on words and how they are used to put spells on us for the better or worse. Thank you." -- John D.

"In a world where ONE is looking for In(ner)-joy of peace, Laurel Airica has created a course that points people to their words showing each of us that we are a MASTER piece to this beautiful puzzle called LIFE and to just ENJOY the ride. She treats you like FAMILY (F.orget A.bout M.e I. L.ove Y.ou) and shows through playfulness that each of us are priceless vibrations that just need a little aTONEment, for when we see we each are the ONE, NOW we ALL have WON.” -- M. Galardi

Bonus material

  • The Book of E: A Book of Alphabet Alchemy

    Working intuitively and from divine inspiration, I have managed to decode a handful of letters and to weave them into what I pray will be illuminating manuscripts. In this E-Book, I look more closely at the Letter E, itself — the most frequently used letter of the Alphabet.

  • The Aye That Is Oui

    A poem on the two forms of the letter ‘I’ from my book+CD, WordMagic: WordPlay That Puts a New Spin on the Whirled

  • WordMagic Global’s PlayBook of Spells & wRites for Inspiring WordWizardry

    The WordMagic WordShoppe PlayBook outlines the contents of our four online sessions –– leaving plenty of room for you to inscribe your own reflections. I share some of my own mystic-linguistic perspective on English in it –– and liberally sprinkle in profound insights about the relationship of the Word to the World that I’ve collected from ancient to contemporary philosophers –– including Confucius, Socrates, Orwell, Emerson, McKenna and many others.

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